We do all types of carpentry for hotels, lobbies, restaurants, room furniture, outdoor furniture, wall and ceiling lining, decorative lattice, etc. incorporating wood with a variety of other materials such as aluminum, marble, onyx, glass, Corian, acrylics.


ACABADOS PALOROSA also works hand in hand with developers and constructors who desire to provide their developments with a touch of quality with carpentry at a higher level than the standard for these types of projects.

Additionally, to residential developments we also work on individual homes, medium and large sized. Any carpentry element that you can imagine for your development or private residence may be designed and manufactured. Exterior and interior doors, closets, bathroom cabinets, living room furniture, full bedrooms, dining sets, etc.


The favorable weather in Cancún and the Mayan Riviera make tourism who enjoys the sun and beach very important in this area, therefore it is often that we are asked for outdoor furniture that is aesthetic, functional, and which will endure the challenges of sun, rain, and high humidity unique of this area of the Caribbean. To satisfy such need, we have spent quite some time studying, testing different types of wood, anchorages and finishes until we found the ideal solution for each case.


Besides working with top level hotels and residences, we also work on corporate offices or for any institution which may require good carpentry services. Amongst those customers we can mention hospitals, shopping centers, aquatic parks, restaurants, stores, etc. In all of those our commitment to our customer continues to be of utmost importance for quality and guarantee in all our products, and in the strict compliance to delivery times


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    Corporate Offices

    Address: Federal Highway Cancún – Chetumal,
    Km. 12.5, Cancún, Q. Roo México

    Telephone: +52 (998) 882 2671